Aerospace Industry

Located in the heart of the West Coast’s busy Aerospace Industry, Jesse Co. has been a long time supplier of aerospace equipment, tooling, Fixturing, and infrastructure. Jesse Co. specializes in heavy fabrication, machining, and design / build of complex projects. Our specialty is very large or complex fabrication. Jesse Co. is an American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Quality Certified Fabricator under classification of Major Steel Bridges with Fracture Critical Endorsement, which is the most stringent AISC category of quality assurance. Jesse Co. has also qualified for specialty quality programs for such customers as Lockheed Martin, Martin Marietta, Boeing, and the US Air Force. In addition to fabrication, Jesse also has expertise / capabilities in machining, painting, and assembly (mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic).

Applicable Jesse aerospace experience also includes:

Aerodynamic Icing Tunnel Boeing
IS/PS Shipping Container, Sea Launch Program Boeing Space
Payload Fairing Shipping Containers, Sea Launch Boeing Space
SLC 4E Door Hardware and Rail System Martin Marietta
Shipping Container System for Satellite transport Lockheed Martin
Propellant Upload Fixture Olin Rocket Research
Titan IV Launch Support Frames Vandenberg Lockheed Martin
Titan IV Launch Support Frames Cape Canaveral Lockheed Martin
Folding Platforms SLC-4E Vandenberg (Titan IV) United Engr & Const
Portable Antenna System Lockheed Martin
Payload Handling System (Space Shuttle) NASA/KSC
Painting Platforms for 737 & 757 Boeing
Delta IV Platforms Boeing/McDonnell Douglas
Delta IV Transporter Roller Assys. Boeing Space Group
Transonic Wind Tunnel Aero Systems/Boeing
Vertical Paint Booth Lift system 737, 757,747,767 Boeing
Rotation Tool Lockheed Martin
777 Oversize Sea Containers Boeing
KC 135 Icing Tank Assemblies Edwards AFB
Launch Mount & Bearing Housings Alaska Aerospace / Kodiak
Automatic Radar Positioners Northrop Grumman
777 Landing Gear Loade Boeing



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