Jesse Co., formerly Jesse Engineering, a Washington Corporation, was founded by Darrell Jesse in 1976. Started in a small, one building machine shop, Jesse Co., now in the 2nd generation, has grown to be one of the largest specialty steel fabricators on the West Coast. Jesse Co. is primarily engaged in heavy steel fabrication, machinery manufacturing, and design build of complex projects. Our specialty is very large or complex fabrications or value added fabrication. In addition, Jesse Co. has in-house machining, painting, and assembly (mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical) capabilities. Our facilities offer deep water port load out as well as rail access for shipping large structural pieces or oversize machinery components. Jesse Co. is an American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Quality Certified Fabricator under the classification of Major Steel Bridges with Fracture Critical Endorsement.

About Us

Jesse Co. has built a solid reputation for innovative solutions, efficiency in design and strong collaborative project management that provides smooth project facilitation. Cost Savings in construction and operations are the result of the expert strategic planning team and extensive customer service.

Jesse Co. offers second to none capabilities, proven job assurance and the ability to customize to the smallest detail and deliver at impressive sizes. Jesse Co. continues to provide services unique to the industry. Build it small or build it big – ship it assembled to maximize field labor savings.


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