Jesse Co. provides a wide range of services under one roof to meet all your fabrication, machining, and industrial machinery requirements

Heavy Steel Fabrication
Heavy plate fabrication, Large Weldments

Able to Ship Large, Fully Assembled and Tested Structures and Weldments
Components up to 1000 Tons +, lengths up to 300 feet+

On-site, Full-Service Machine Shop
Both precision CNC Machining and Large Machining (10 feet high x 40 feet long)

On-site, Full Service Sand Blasting & Painting
Certified Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC) under the Painting Contractor Certification Program (QP3)

Design/Build: Concept-Analysis-Deliver-Turnkey
Jesse will take the lead as your Design/Build fabrication contractor or be the Steel Fabricator for your Design/Build Team

Constructability Reviews
No cost Constructability Reviews of your preliminary design concepts, avoiding costly change orders in the future.

Simple to Major Steel Bridges
AISC Certified

Complex Steel Structures
Complex welding, demanding QA requirements

Exotic Metals Fabrication
Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Alloy Steels, Titanium Fabrication


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